Infertility and Perinatal Counseling and Therapy
in Central New Jersey

Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Are you frustrated, sad, having difficulty thinking about anything else, having conflict with family or friends because all you want is to have a baby? Do you feel everywhere you go someone is pregnant or carrying their infant? Have you been referred to a fertility specialist also known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

When you decide to have a baby and everything you have tried has not worked, it can be disappointing, frustrating and devastating. I meet with couples who are trying to conceive and having difficulty, have just been referred to a specialist as well as couples who are in the process of fertility treatments and those who are deciding what to do next. My experience with infertility both personally and professionally enable me to understand, empathize, support and guide individuals and couples through their journey of trying to conceive.

Have you just recently had a baby and feel depressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, anxious or like you are going crazy? Are you questioning your ability to take care of your baby, feel like you are a terrible mother, can not concentrate or just do not feel like "yourself"?

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for many people, but not everyone. Approximately 10-15% of women suffer from Postpartum Mood Disorders, including depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis. And it can occur up to 12 months after giving birth. You are not alone, there is help and you can get better. You can feel like yourself again, take care of your newborn and be the mother you want to be. I provide counseling and support for clients experiencing Postpartum Mood Disorders. My experience both personally and professionally with Postpartum Mood Disorders provide me with the understanding, compassion, resources and the ability to support each mother as well as their family, as they navigate through their treatment, including if needed medication management and support groups.

I also provide counseling and therapy for individuals and couples who have experienced the tragedy and grief from pregnancy and infant loss, termination, traumatic childbirth experience as well as mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy.

You are not alone if you have or are experiencing any of these issues. There is a supportive, empathetic and safe environment for you to feel better. Call me to set up an appointment.

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