Third Party Reproduction

A donor recipient psycho-educational consultation with a trained reproductive mental health professional is in keeping with the guidelines and recommendations from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. I provide these consultation that are required by most reproductive endocrinologists and clinics for third party reproduction. During this meeting we will explore using donor gametes and raising a child conceived using a donor. This consultation is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, ask questions and discuss concerns and receive information and resources that will help you navigate your path to parenthood. It is not about determining your fitness to be a parent.

Recipients of egg, sperm, and embryo donation typically participate in one 60 minute session. The consultation is interactive, and we will discuss the many different aspects of the process and help you successfully navigate treatment and parenting in these unique arrangements.

You can ask any questions you have while learning about:

  • an overview of gamete donation including
  • choosing a donor based on your needs and values
  • grieving the loss of genetics and the fantasy of the biological child experience
  • the current research on disclosure
  • identified vs. non-identified donors
  • expectations, boundaries and communication with identification release donors
  • embryo disposition
  • support systems
  • success or failure of treatment
  • feelings about and effect on spouse/significant other
  • future issues related to donor conceived children
  • obsoletion of anonymity

“Parenthood requires love, not DNA.”